Data Types


type description
ConversionRequest Molecule conversion request.
ConversionResult Molecule conversion result.
DescriptorInfo Basic info of descriptor data.
DescriptorsInfo Information of available descriptors.
DissimilarityDistributionResult Dissimilarity distribution conversion result.
DissimilarityTargetInfo Similarity of a target.
ErrorReport Response in case of an error. In case of an error the registered WuiExceptionMapper will create a Response containing the proper HTTP status and an instance of this class as a JSON.
GarbageCollectorInfoDto Represents a garbage collector.
GridInfo Basic info of grid data. Note that this DTO is not supported in the current release.
GridsInfo Information of available grids. Note that this DTO is not supported in the current release.
Histogram DTO for LinearHistogram.
KnnData Nearest neighbor data. The same class represents nearest neighbor and k-nearest neighbor data. Also the same class represents inter-set and self overlap neighborhood data.

Note that the number of stored neighbors might vary.

KnnInfo Info about a knn analysis result.
KnnTableLabelEntry Entry for a single query structure.
KnnTableLabels Labels for a subset of the neighbors for a subset of queries.
KnnsInfo Information of available knn/nn analysis results.
LinenoteChoiceDto Represents descriptive data of a ChoiceDescriptor.
LinenoteChoiceParameterDto Represents descriptive data of a ChoiceParameterDescriptor.
LinenoteChoiceParameterValueDto Value-description pair of an enumerated parameter value. Used to represent possible values with their descriptions for enumerated parameters.
LinenoteDto Contains descriptive data from a Linenote instance.
MemoryPoolInfoDto Represents a memory pool.
MemoryUsageDescDto Represents memory usage.
MoleculeIds IDs associated to multiple molecules.
MoleculeInfo Information about a molecule.
MoleculeProp A single additional property value.
MoleculePropInfo Information about an additional property of a molecule set.
MoleculePropRange Value of a single property over a range of molecule indices.
MoleculeProps Properties associated to multiple molecules.
MoleculeSetInfo Information about a single molecule set.
MoleculeSetsInfo Information about available molecule sets.
MostSimilarsResult Result of a most similars search.
MultiConversionRequest Molecule conversion requests for multiple molecules.
MultiConversionResult Molecule conversion results for multi request.
PmapperFeature Experimental feature description for pharmacophore mapping.
PmapperRequest Experimental request for pharmacophore mapping.
PmapperResponse Experimental pmapper response.
ProfSnapshotDto VM profiling snapshot. Contains VM instrumentation data acquired through various MXBeans. Please note that this DTO is based on class ProfSnapshot.
ResourceClassInfoDto Metadata about a single resource class.
ResourceClassInfosDto Information about resource classes.
SizeInfoDetailDto Detail of a size info.
SizeInfoDto Hierarchic description of the approximate memory allocation.
StatisticsDto Various statistics for the embedded server.