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Interface SubProgressObserver

All Superinterfaces:
CancelObserver, ProgressObserver

public interface SubProgressObserver
extends ProgressObserver

Observer for reporting the progress of subtasks.

This observer is intended to follow the executions of subtasks (using ProgressObserver.subTask(java.lang.String, long)). The only additional constraint is that the explicit signalling of finisging the work (using done() is required; usually by the host task.

Please note that this interface is marked with @Beta annotation, so it can be subject of incompatible changes or removal in later releases.

Gabor Imre

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface com.chemaxon.calculations.common.CancelObserver
Method Summary
 void done()
          Notifies that the represented task is finished and no further work will be done.
Methods inherited from interface com.chemaxon.calculations.common.ProgressObserver
subTask, switchToDeterminate, worked
Methods inherited from interface com.chemaxon.calculations.common.CancelObserver
addPropertyChangeListener, isCancelled, removePropertyChangeListener

Method Detail


void done()
Notifies that the represented task is finished and no further work will be done.

Cancellation has no effect to the progress state, so this method must be invoked when finished, either due normal completion; cancellation or error

This method must be called exactly once.

IllegalStateException - When no beginTask(...) invoked or done() is already invoked.

jklustor-all-api-0.0.7-20140619012755 (ChemAxon)