Discovery group sandbox from ChemAxon

Welcome to the ChemAxon discovery group sandbox pages. Here you can find online product demos and technology previews.
This is the sandbox.

Calculators iconCalculators and predictors

High-quality physico-chemical calculations and predictions for drug discovery

MadFast iconMadFast similarity search

Fast similarity and overlap analysis for extremely large datasets.

GitHub iconOur examples available on GitHub

We have the following example repositories available on GitHub:

  • jklustor-web-example: usage example for ChemAxon JKlustor API for a web service environment. This project is intended for active API users of ChemAxon JKlustor API. Simple API usage example is also provided.
  • madfast-custom-fp-calculation-0.2.3: Example of adding custom fingerprint implementation to ChemAxon MadFast version 0.2.3
  • ecfp-feature-lookup: Usage example for chemaxon.descriptors.ECFPFeatureLookup API

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Please, contact us at [email protected]