TaskDto Data Type

Task status. Represents the status of an asynchronous task. Tasks report their progress in arbitrary work units. The work units are not further specified, but they are expected to be meaningful (like molecule count, comparison count, etc).

name data type description
id string Unique task ID.
name string Task name. Usually a short human readable name.
totalWork number Total work units (optional). When total work units are not known this value is null.
workUnit string Work unit description (optional). Usually a short human readable description of the work units. When not specified value is null.
worked number Number of work units processed.
done boolean Set when task execution is finished.
cancelled boolean Set when task execution is cancelled.
startTimeMs number Start time or null. The timestamp (from System#currentTimeMillis()) when the task execution was started. For tasks not yet started value is null.
runningDurationMs number Number of milliseconds since task start. For not started tasks value is 0.


  "id" : "...",
  "name" : "...",
  "totalWork" : 12345,
  "workUnit" : "...",
  "worked" : 12345,
  "done" : true,
  "cancelled" : true,
  "startTimeMs" : 12345,
  "runningDurationMs" : 12345