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Interface UnguardedDissimilarityCalculator<T>

Type Parameters:
T - Type of compared objects
All Superinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
UnguardedBinaryIntManhattan, UnguardedBinaryIntTanimoto, UnguardedBinaryLongManhattan, UnguardedBinaryLongTanimoto, UnguardedBinaryLongTversky, UnguardedFloatVectorEuclidSqr, UnguardedFloatVectorManhattan, UnguardedFloatVectorMaxDiff, UnguardedFloatVectorTanimoto

public interface UnguardedDissimilarityCalculator<T>
extends Serializable

Unguarded dissimilarity calculator.

Note that implementations are thread safe, but wont check any further API constraints. Extreme care is needed for usage.

Implementations are expected to be immutable, stateless and serializable.

Gabor Imre

Method Summary
 double dissimilarity(T target, T query)
          Compare dissimilarity of two objects.

Method Detail


double dissimilarity(T target,
                     T query)
Compare dissimilarity of two objects.

Note that implementations might not check even basic consistency of compared objects.

Implementations must return valid real numbers which are smaller than Double.MAX_VALUE.

target - Target to compare
query - Query to compare
Dissimilarity score

jklustor-overlap-0.0.2-20140619012940 (ChemAxon)