jklustor-all-api-0.0.7-20140619012755 (ChemAxon)

Annotation Type Parameter

public @interface Parameter

Parameter field to be exposed to the user interface.

Marks fields of typically parameter objects / builders which are intended to be exposed to the user (through reflection based dynamic API discovery) to modify

Note that annotated elements (fields) must be annotated with Description annotation

Note that an associated setter method named from the annotated field must exist. Setting the parameter value is done through the setter method. (eg. if an int field called count is annotated as a Parameter there must be a method with signature int count(int) to be used as a setter. The method naming convention reflects the typical usage in builders.

Please note that this annotation is marked with @Beta annotation, so it can be subject of incompatible changes or removal in later releases.

Gabor Imre

Required Element Summary
 int order
          Order info for the listed parameters.
Optional Element Summary
 Class<? extends Validator<?>>[] validateWith
          Optional Validator classes to be used on the given parameter.

Element Detail


public abstract int order
Order info for the listed parameters.

The parameter discovery will list parameters by this value in increasing order.


public abstract Class<? extends Validator<?>>[] validateWith
Optional Validator classes to be used on the given parameter.

Note that the usage of Validators currently not supported.


jklustor-all-api-0.0.7-20140619012755 (ChemAxon)